Remember With Me.


I write when I’m in the flow.  I’ve felt so far away from it this last year.  But I have worked so hard to reconnect again.  Actually, I haven’t worked hard at getting back to it.  I’ve consciously intended to stop putting the work in.  I’ve intended to stop putting so much energy into resentments, being unsatisfied in my current situations, and I’ve intended to find discipline in not thinking so much.  It’s been by removing all of the ‘work’ that keeps me away from my flow, which brought me back to it.

I believe that my words and my hands have the ability to help others to remember.  These parts of me are the channel which carry messages to those I am in contact with, helping you to remember too.  We all have the ability to help the world remember. Our unique gifts show up differently for each of us.  As children, we are in the flow.  Children have not yet forgotten.

As time goes by and we ‘grow up’, many of us try to become better versions of ourselves and more of who we are.  But we don’t need to become better or more of anything.  We need to come undone.  We need to untangle ourselves from the limited beliefs, attachments, judgments, and fears that we’ve picked up along our journey. 

We need to stop trying so hard. It took me some time to understand what this meant. 

An example- It’s easy to recognize when someone trying to gain the attention of their crush is often trying too hard. And their crush likely ignores these efforts, and the person.

It’s just as easy to notice someone else making no effort and ends up receiving majority of the attention from those around them.

These examples show one person trying to get attention with poor results and another person not trying at all and receiving a lot of attention.

It’s much easier for us to see opportunities for improvement in others behavior than it is to see in ourselves.

The person who is seeking the attention and not getting it is not getting it because they are getting back the same energy they are putting out; lack and scarcity.  They don’t believe they already have it.

The person not trying to get attention gets it because they are in the flow.  They are attracting peace and joy because they are feeling peace and joy.  They don’t feel lack or scarcity or the need to prove themselves to anyone.  They trust that what is meant for them will not pass them by.

This awareness and understanding has taken time for me to deeply understand it. I trust that I will continue to receive reminders along my journey to ensure I don’t forget.

The disconnect I’ve felt this year has been a new opportunity for me to understand my soul on a deeper level. It has been by not trying so hard that I began to connect again. The more I understand, the easier it is for me to remember.

Remember with me.