Writer's Block


Writer's Block.  Although I would love to say that my unexpected hiatus was because of it, it was not, and I hate to blame.

In my time away, I had many moments of guilt, but was quickly interrupted by my second thought- I create my guilt.  And so I let them go.  

The truth is that I moved 2,400 miles away from Los Angles, my home of four years.  The move was sudden and unexpected, yet necessary.  Some health complications within my immediate family shed some perspective on where I needed to be. 

Moving back to my home town brought with it emotions and dreams that mirrored how I felt before I left 10 years ago.  It took several weeks for the dust to settle and for me to be able to differentiate what my true desires are today, versus the ghosts of my past.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and part of my human experience means trusting that I will always come back to what ignites my soul, no matter how long the human chapters last.  What I mean by this is that I feel totally alive and connected to my purpose when I am practicing yoga, working with clients, learning about crystals, meditating, writing and creating.  These parts of my life and how I feel because of them are proof that I am a spiritual being.

But our purpose here is to have a human experience.  Each of our soul's have contracts for each lifetime and within this lifetime, we have lessons and experiences intentionally presented to us for our soul's to evolve.  

Part of my human experience in this lifetime is what is currently going on in mine and my loved one's lives.  These experiences can make it incredibly challenging to stay in our spiritual and joyful vibration.  This use to trigger a lot of fear in me, which kept me attached to the things I loved.  However, a wise woman once said that the things we hold on tightest to are the things we lose first.

My recent move has given me the opportunity to apply many of the lessons I've learned along the way.  I have spent the last two months giving myself exactly what my heart told me I needed.  I needed to show up for my parents in a way I have not experienced before.  I needed to show up for my sister, my cousins, my extended family. 

Most importantly, I needed to show up for myself in a way that left little to give back here.  I trusted my heart though.  I took the time to breath, to purge and to heal.  I did this despite the fear and wonder of how many moments it would take and how I would feel at the end of this human season.

I trusted my heart.  I knew that my heart would once again lead me where I needed to be.

When we trust in this way, our soul's evolve as a result of our human experience.  And we are once again led to the magic in our lives that keep us aligned with our spirits.

I'm back and I am very happy that I am.  Thank YOU for being here too.  xo